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The History of settlement Nizhniya Maktama

Phone: (8553) 30-1465

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    The History Museum of settlement N. Maktama was founded in 1998.

    Our organization has been working on the studying the history of the settlement. We have the expositions in five rooms, where the history of the settlement is represented. The first room contains the materials about the events, which happened in 1930 - 1965. The visitors of our museum show great interest in the materials dedicated to peasants` life. A special place is given to works of the women of Maktama, who worked real miracles, created real masterpieces.

    The fourth exposition is connected with the period of the Great Patriotic War and is called "the Hall of the Militant Glory".

    The fifth exposition is called "Maktama today". Nowadays Maktama is a large settlement of workers, which is called "the south-eastern gates" of our oil capital - Almetyevsk

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Administrative phone:
    (8553) 30-1465

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    opened: 12.11.1998

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    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum

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