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Shelabolihinsky regional museum

Phone: (38558) 2-25-07

Address: 659050, Altai area,

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    The building of a regional museum, before trading bench, have been constructed in 1917 lodged in village by the new Nikolaev businessman Trofim Stepanovich Lobastov, the native of the Vjatsky province who have arrived to village IN 1892. After revolution of 1917 Lobastov has left for village limits, and the building has been nationalized by the Soviet power. Museum opening has taken place on May, 24th, 1994, in anniversary day - the 70 anniversaries of formation of Shelabolihinsky area. The most active authors of idea of opening of a museum were Romashov I.A. and Gosteev V.A. The museum of history of Shelabolihinsky area is in an old part of village and is of historical value, the building is taken on state protection as a historical monument.

    The regional museum replenishes with exhibits disinterestedly. Hundreds inhabitants of area have brought the contribution to formation of a fixed capital of a museum. For 15 years of work the museum has collected about live thousand units of storage of a fixed capital, hundred - auxiliary. The huge material on stones of settlements and area as a whole is collected. The important circumstance is that activity of a museum inseparably linked with a village life. The basic collection of museum pieces is made by relics and subjects of museum value. In a museum 4 exposition halls are located: "the Soviet history of area", "Live olden time is live", "Russian room", "the Life and a life of a merchant of Lobastova".

    Museum - the cultural centre of area. Exhibitions are devoted the various themes, separate themes are supplemented new, or replaced with others. Employees of a museum carefully and attentively collect, study and represent a historical and cultural heritage of our region

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Administrative phone:
    (38558) 2-25-07

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 24.05.1994

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Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 922
    temporary exhibitions 62
    museum's store 122
    museum's parks 0,1

Employee number:
    3 (curators: 1)

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Collections volume:
    5880, rare collection's items: 4810

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