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Modern museum of sport

Phone: (495) 646-87-82, . 103 - .

Address: 123182, Moscow, Aviatsionnaya Str. 68, bld. 5

Location: "Schukinskaya" station

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    Modern museum of sport combines electronic and object collections. Nearly 70 kinds of sports and more than 400 sportsmen are presented in virtual museum collection - these are unique documents, pictures and awards of famous sportsmen, trainers and specialists of domestic kinds of sports; the materials about the history of Olympic poster and prize medals of Games; the statistics of World University Games; the materials about leaders of main sport department of the country for entire history of its existence and many other rarest documents.

    Object exposition has more than 5 000 exhibits relating to different periods of Russian sport history. The collections of rarities of GTO complexes, USSR and Russia sports contest, World sports contest, individual kinds of sports are of particular interest. Besides of excursions in museum itself, the colleagues organize visiting lessons at schools, mobile exhibitions at different events

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    (495) 942-50-01

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    founded: 06.04.2004

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    culture for society

    Science and technics

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