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Park of the Chusovaya River History

The Ethnographic Park of Chusovoy
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Address: 618200, Perm region,

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    Park of the Chusovaya River History is one of the chief cultural points of Perm region. It lies in a mountainous area 5km off the town of Chusovoy, a metallurgical centre. What is special about this ethnographic park is that it comprises a wide range of historical items dating back to the nineteenth century in a small territory. The main exposition embodies the buildings of the 19th century and corresponds to the traditions and customs of the old country life in Perm region. To build up a village of the 19th century, a country house (izba), a grocery (lavka), a belfry and a fire station (kalancha), the museum of wooden arts, and a couple of chapels have been put together. All the exhibits displayed indoors are original and come from different parts of the district of Chusovoy. What is interesting about the park is that all the items presented can be touched or experienced.

    Besides these sites, you can also look into the writers' memorial museum that depicts the life of the authors, poets, and journalists whose life in this way or another (residence, political confinement, working) was connected with the region of Perm or Chusovoy.

    There is St. George's church and St. Nicholas's chapel in the park. They were built in 2006 and enjoy a superb collection of icons in orthodox style.

    Still, the heart of the park beats in the museum of Ermak, the outstanding Cossack that conquered Siberia in the 16th century and made it part of the vast territory of Russia. The point is that Ermak set out from the place that now is the district of Chusovoy. The series of pictures by Pavel Shardakov, a well-known Russian artist, set forth the entire story of Ermak`s campaign including the battle with the tartars.

    What is more, giving the magnificent natural environment the park is good not only for a museum tour but for open-air activities as well. You can stay in an old-fashioned country house, have a delicious dinner at the dining hall or have a wash in a Russian sauna (banya). You can go hiking or fishing, cook on a spit, or just take an agreeable walk in the forest. Both kids and adults can use the facilities of the park

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    founded: 1981г.
    opened: 2002г.

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