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Kuzbass museum of physical culture and sport

Phone: (3842) 31-91-58, 31-67-99

Address: 650070, Kemerovo region,

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    The museum of sport was established 1 April 1993 under the School of the Highest Sport Mastery. Its first director was G.N. Golubets. The collection of two thousand museum pieces was formed during the first 2 years, such energetic beginning determined the dynamic development. The fund of 17 year old Kuzbass Museum of Sport counts 17 thousand museum pieces. The collections of different years assemble: cups, medals, signs, documents, sports uniform, sports kit and etc.

    Along with the different trends the exploration is being carried out at the Museum, the writing of historical notes about kinds of sports and the museum pieces biography exploration.

    At the present moment the Museum of Physical culture and sport is under the department of GU "OSHVSM -CSP"; because of removal to the new building, the museum's staff carry out the inventory of the museum funds.

    Laborious work is planned to be finished by the autumn 2010. Moreover the preparing works for the exhibition hall reconstruction are being carried out.

    The first exhibition at the new building is planned under the name "Martial arts in Kuzbass" prepared under "The gold book of martial arts glory". The lessons and lectures about Kuzbass sport history are taken for schools

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Administrative phone:
    (3842) 31-91-58, Fax: (3842) 31-94-68

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 01.04.1993

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Science and technics

    permament show rooms 280м2
    museum's store 57,7м2

Employee number:
    6 (curators: 3)

Collections volume:
    25000, rare collection's items: 11570

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