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The Museum of Cossack village Kotlyarevskaya

Phone: (86633) 43-2-61

Address: 361103, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic,

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    The museum tells about the history and life of Cossacks who were settled on the banks of river Terek to defend the military highway connecting Russia with Georgia over the Caucasus Range. The life of Cossacks and their families can be called heroic as in addition to hard conditions of war time they ought to live in unusual living conditions and environment. But they coped with all the ifficulties.

    The exposition of the museum modeling the Cossacks' household and way of life at that period. It is very important to keep memory about those people. Pupils of schools visit the museum with great pleasure and try to help to the museum employees to collect the materials. They like to meet and talk to members of Cossack society, who tell them about the events of distant ages

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Administrative phone:
    (86633) 43-2-61

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    opened: 14.02.1979

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    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum

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