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The local Historika Museum of Chegem district

Phone: (86630) 4-14-75

Address: 361401, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic,

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    Adyga is the selfsame of kabardians and cherkesses. We are the same nationality with the same language and traditions. In XVIII century we were divided into 3 republics.

    Kabardians have unique and original traditions. Everybody who has ever visited our place becomes impressed by them. Our tacit laws are followed till nowadays, that shows how thoughtful and useful they are. They regulate almost all the spheres of life and society. They have grown up our young generation the main characteristics which are important for a human honesty and hospitality.

    Our aim is to present those nice unique traditions and we do our best for that. I think we do that, All the tourist who has ever visited our republic nowadays leave us astonished by characteristics of our people

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Administrative phone:
    (86630) 4-14-75

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    opened: 09.05.2005

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    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum

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    240, rare collection's items: 110

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