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    ArtPreview is a modern art competition. Unlike other similar projects in Russia, our competition is characterized by open format, broad exhibition activity, and numerous prizes. It is aiming to support artists and photographers actively working in various genres and techniques.

    In 2010 the competition was successfully carried out in following nominations: canvas arts and photo/digital graphics. The finalists exhibition took place at the Kino Gallery (Moscow). We published catalogue of the finalists' artworks, awarded cash prizes as well as numerous awards from ArtPreview partners. Our web address: artpreview.ru.

    The project which was initially aimed primarily at the Russian-speaking artists quickly grown and currently exists on an international scale. The project launched in March 2010 and comprised 900 authors from 12 countries (Russia, CIS countries, from Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, Israel, Germany, Australia, and USA). The finalists works were selected by professional committee.

    Open democratic format of the competition gained popularity among artists mistrusting close character of other competitions

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    +7 (905) 717 49 84

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    founded: 2010г.

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    culture for society

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