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The Kulikovo Field Memorial and Local History Museum at Monastyrschino

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    Monastyrshchino village is one of the historical places of Kulikovo Field. According to legend, dead Russian warriors were buried at this site. The confluence of the Nepryadva and the Don rivers is situated just in1 kilometer/0.62 mile from the complex. This place is closely connected with the battle itself. Dmitry Donskoy and his host camped in that area the night before the battle. From that place they went out to the great battle.

    In Green Oak Grovea great white cross is mounted commemorating the feat of Ambush Regiment. Another snowy-white cross is erected next to the temple as a reminder of fallen ancestors.

    The Memorial in the village of Monastyrshchino consists of the temple of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the monument to Dmitry Donskoy, Unity and Memory Alley,common grave of warriors perished at Kulikovo field during the Great Patriotic War.

    For over 11 years the exposition of Kulikovo battle "The Great Origin of Rus" had been located in the museum building. After opening the new complex, temporary exchibitions wereplaced in Monastyrshchino. A new exposition will soon be opened in the museum, dedicated to the process of old Russian state and nationality creation.

    Stationary exposition "Holy Land - Kulikovo Field" dedicated to the history of creation and revival of the church, icon-painter Nikita Lulichev and holy places of Kulikovo field is presented in the church of Nativity of the Blessed Holy Virgin

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