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House-museum of V.K. Kyukhelbeker

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    The House-museum of Vilgelm Karlovich Kyukhelbeker, a branch of regional natural history museum, was opened in Kurgan on the 13th of December 2005. The museum was built on the site where V.K. Kyukhelbeker lived with his family, his wife Drocida and 2 children, from the 21st of September 1845 till March 1846.

    The house was restored and looks the same, has the same planning as in 1845. It became possible due to long-term explorations of Kurgan journalist and region researcher B.N. Karsonov who published the results of his investigations about the house of V.K. Kyukhelbeker in 1896. The exhibition of the memorial museum of V.K. Kyukhelbeker is devoted to the life and activity of the famous critic, poet, Decembrist, lyceum friend of A.S. Pushkin.

    The basis of the exhibition is the memorial house in which V.K. Kyukhelbeker lived for some months when he was in exile in Kurgan. His sister Yustina Karlovna Glinka bought the house for Kyukhelbeker but signed it in the name of his wife Drocida Ivanovna Kyukhelbeker. It was a simple wooden house seven-walled, one-storeyed. There were 6 rooms (103 square metres) in the house. The family was not rich, the furniture was very modest

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    (3522) 46-06-83, Fax: (3522) 46-65-60

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    opened: 13.12.2005

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   State Russia

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    culture for society


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    155, rare collection's items: 150

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