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The Museum of Telephone History in St. Petersburg

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    The Museum of Telephone History, Russia's largest collection of telephony artifacts, is the new large-scale project of Mastertel, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Mastertel regularly initiates, organizes and participates in many social and cultural projects. One of them is the creation of a super-modern high-tech Museum of Telephone History, exhibiting a unique collection of rare handsets and accessories from Europe, the USA and Russia.

    A simple hobby like the history of telephony has been transformed into a large collection. It was created in just seven years. All resources were used to locate rare apparatus: some examples were bought at online antique auctions. Others on specialized trades in Western Europe. Several mini-collections have been acquired from private individuals in Russia and abroad

    The collection grew and eventually the idea of creating a museum was conceived, not only working as a scientific and educational institution that combines the functions of selection, storage and display of historical and cultural values, but also solves a number of significant social problems. This idea was based on a sincere desire to make the accumulated knowledge about the history of the industry available to the public. By this example we are emphasizing the importance of the social responsibility of business to society. As a result, in November 2010 in Mastertel's Moscow office, a museum was opened! It showcased phone sets made between 1876-1970 by most of world's manufacturers. Three and a half years later in May 2013, in the historic center of St. Petersburg, a new ultramodern, high-tech, multi-functional Museum of Telephone History opened its doors

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   museum shop, lecture hall, equipped for people with disabilities

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    (812) 385-0-385

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    opened: 22.05.2013

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    culture for society

    Historical,Science and technics

    permament show rooms 500м2
    museum's store 60м2

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    8 (curators: 1)

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