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The Museum-panorama the Borodino Battle

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    In the early 20th century Russia was preparing to celebrate the jubilee victory over Napoleon. In was decided to create a panorama about one of the events of 1812. The government supported this idea and commissioned Franz Roubaud to work on it.

    Panorama Borodino (as it was then called) was opened on August 29, 1912, in the center of Moscow.

    The panorama of the Battle of Borodino is the museum's main exhibit. The painting is 115 meters long and 15 meters high. The artist chose to depict the decisive moment of the battle - 12.30 p.m. on the 7th of September - when the most vivid and typical events in the battle took place. It was against this flank that Napoleon struck his main blow.

    The museum's exposition is equipped with modern technical appliances. The viewing of the panorama is accompanied by special sound-effects, reproducing the battle shooting of the beginning of the 19th century.

    The current exhibitions are organized in the museum, displaying paintings, engravings, decorative and applied art, numismatic, etc. dating back to the first half of 19th century

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    founded: 29.08.1912
    opened: 18.10.1962

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   State Russia

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    culture for society


    permament show rooms 1404,6м2
    temporary exhibitions 295,7м2
    museum's store 184м2
    museum's parks 3,38га

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    88 (curators: 33)

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    science library

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    43480, rare collection's items: 33164

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