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Archangelskoye - State Museum-Estate

Phone: (498) 568-95-80, (498) 653-86-60

Address: 143420, Moscow region,

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    The State Museum Estate "Arkhangelskoye" - W1094, official web site arhangelskoe.su/


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    Architectural and park ensemble in the Archangelskoye, the phenomenon of exceptional singnificance in the history of Russian culture. Prince Nicolas Yussupov's famous art collection of paintings, sculpture, decorative art is very special historical art treasure. Estate library owns more than 16 thausand original volumes and books of Russian and foreign authors.

    Construction of palace and park ensemble in Archangelskoye - Estate began in 1780-th - it was the peak of estates construction in the suburbs of Moscow. Located in twenty kilometers to the north-west of the capital on high bank of Moskva - river, Archangelskoye takes an exclusive place among all manors situated near Moscow. Landscape art of the estate is combined with excellent architecture and magnificent interior of the Palace. The estate lets one to gain the idea of luxurious Roman country houses and of French castles with their terraces, green lawns, short-clipped avenues, numerous marble statues. During two centuries Archangelskoye belonged to the most solvent families of the Russian nobility - they were the princes Golitsyns from 1703 to 1810 and the princes Yussupovs from 1810 to 1917. Now it remains the only integral architectural and park ensemble in the suburbs of Moscow. The estate has kept all basic elements of planning and building till the present time. Being unique in art methods, Archangelskoye gathered the best, that was created in Russian estate art in the XVIII-XIXth centuries

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    (498) 568-95-80

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    founded: 23.10.1918
    opened: 01.05.1919

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    culture for society

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Museum preserve,Painting art

    permament show rooms 30355м2
    temporary exhibitions 5734м2
    museum's store 50000м2
    museum's parks 62,76га

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    214 (curators: 16)

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Collections volume:
    40670, rare collection's items: 31814

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