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Humanitarian Centre - Moscow Museum of Outsider Art

Address: 105043, Moscow, 30, Izmailovski boulevard

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    Moscow Museum of Outsider Art (Humanitarian Centre) is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and exhibiting Outsider Art in Russia. We started in 1989 with an exhibition of art works by mentally ill artists. Later, we broadened our objectives and began actively collecting Russian works of Outsider Art. Over the past 20 years, the collection's more than 4000 works have been exhibited throughout the former Soviet Union, as well as in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, South Africa, Japan, Peru, Montenegro, USA, etc. In 1996 the Humanitarian Centre was renamed the Moscow Museum of Outsider Art. Permanent exposition of the Museum displays samples of Outsider Art, and also a cross-section of non-academic art connected in some way with Outsider Art (psychopathological expression, art works in the Neuve Invention category, small collection of naive art)

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    founded: 1989.

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   Society org.

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    culture for society

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