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Nicholas Museum of Local History "Earth-Space"

Phone: (84494) 6-10-81

Address: 404033, Volgograd region,

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    Nicholas Museum of Local History "Earth-Space" - multi-functional cultural-educational and research non-profit institution that operates on documenting the history of the Nikolayev region, study and preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the edge; promotion of domestic space.

    From December 1986 to May 1990 worked on the collection of exhibits, written TEPy, processed exposure. To visit the museum is open May 9, 1990 gS 1986 g.po 1992 Museum is a branch of the Volgograd regional museum of local lore. In 1992, in keeping g.pereshel Nikolayev Committee on Culture.

    To date, the museum has three permanent exhibitions performed on a high ideological and artistic level:

    - The largest room of the museum set aside for an exhibit on space exploration "Cosmos in the life man", because as has been implicated in this case the star our countryman twice Hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut UV Malyshev. The exposition covers an area of 120 sq.m.

    - More than 1000 unique items - photographs, collections of souvenirs UV tells about the emergence and establishment of settlements for the period from 1747 to 1917. History Nikolaevsk firmly tied to the beginning of development of Salt Lake Elton. The exhibition takes 60 sq.m. In the hall "Nicholas Sloboda" mass of vintage photographs of old settlements, peasant household items, furniture, cabinet work of Nicholas, icons, bogoslovnye books, antique watches, coins.

    - The exhibition "The Great Patriotic War" has 2 sub-theme of "Surround-front" which contains materials telling about the assistance nikolaevtsev front and "Great series"-o-nikolaevtsah defenders of the motherland. Section covers 70 sq. area.

    Also in the museum has an exhibition hall, which placed temporary exhibitions. Subjects show very diverse, they are chronologically complete history of the city and the region at the local historical material. In addition, it exhibited traveling exhibitions from the museums of cities: Volgograd, St.-Petersburg, Rostov, Samara, Kamyshin. Traveling exhibits are varied: historical, arts and crafts, art. All of them are built on a high artistic level and are designed to educate and add to the aesthetic, moral, patriotic potential of adult and younger generation nikolaevtsev and visitors

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Administrative phone:
    (84494) 6-10-81, Fax: (84494) 6-35-56

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 18.06.1986
    opened: 09.05.1990

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Regional museum,Science and technics

    permament show rooms 330м2
    temporary exhibitions 90м2
    museum's store 60м2

Employee number:
    6 (curators: 1)

Average visitors per year:

Collections volume:
    7475, rare collection's items: 3557

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