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State Historical-Ethnographic and Architectural Museum-Preserve "The Old Sarepta"

Phone: (8442) 67-02-80; 67-33-02 (заказ экскурсий)

Address: 400026, Volgograd region,

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    In the XVIII-th century the colony Sarepta became a strengthened advanced post in the southern Russia and turned gradually into an industrial, commercial, scientific and cultural center of the Lower Volga region.

    Its history was connected with such historic events as Pugachev's uprising, battles for Tsaritsyn and Stalingrad during Civil War (1918-1929) and World War II. Mustard, tobacco weaving and other industries were developed in the colony. Sarepta's scientists made great progresses in medicine, physics, chemistry, historical and natural csience.

    Sarepta founded in 1765 by Germans as a religions mission among Kalmucks is nowdays one of the greatest museums of the Lower Volga region.

    The unique in Russia historical-architektural complex (XVIII-XX cent.) reflects history of the colony founded by the Herrnhut Brethern (Moravian Church).

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   museum shop, lecture hall, public library, museum's caffe

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   folk group

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Administrative phone:
    (8442) 67-02-80, Fax: (8442) 67-02-80

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 07.06.1989

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Regional museum,Museum preserve,Science and technics,Painting art

    permament show rooms 463,2м2
    temporary exhibitions 133м2
    museum's store 347м2
    museum's parks 7,1га

Employee number:
    102 (curators: 18)

Average visitors per year:
    110 000

Specific departments:
    archive, science library, experts team, restoration dep.

Collections volume:
    33828, rare collection's items: 25414

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