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Cherepovets Museum Association

Phone: (8202) 51-85-11, 51-89-27

Address: 162602, Vologda region,

Working hours:*

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    Cherepovets Museum Association - W278, official web site чермо.рф


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    Cherepovets Museum Assotiation is a combined museum, based great variety of collections: archeological, ethnographic, numismatical, historical, military, memorial, artistic, natural. The association has the following expositional departments: Historical Museum, Museum of Art, Memorial Museum Residence of Vereshagins, Exhibition Hall, Museum of Nature, Children's Museum, Archeological Museum, Literary Museum (including the Memorial Country-Seat of Igor Severyanin in Vladimirovka village), Historical and Ethnographic Museum of the Galskojs's Country-Seat .

    Each department is unique. Thus? Literary Museum (situated in Vladimirovka Village on the bank of the river Suda in a pine forest) is a recreational complex as well as historical and cultural center. In 1997-98 several artists from all over the world came there to held a symposium .

    Cherepovets Museum Assotiation is a scientific, research, educational and recreational organization. Continuous expositions and removable exhibitions are always on display. It has become a tradition to hold different special events. There are a lot of interests' group and societies. Some innovative museum services are very popular among the visitors. For example: a riding excursion, the tour of Pilgrim's Nicon way, etc.

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    hotels and restaurants

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Administrative phone:
    (8202) 51-85-11, Fax: (8202) 51-71-91

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1895г.
    opened: 31.03.1896

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Regional museum,Literature,Memorial,Painting art

    permament show rooms 2185м2
    temporary exhibitions 552м2
    museum's store 1307м2
    museum's parks 2,9га

Employee number:
    187 (curators: 51)

Average visitors per year:

Specific departments:
    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    412230, rare collection's items: 219265

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