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    The exhibition work started in the mansions rooms in 1980. The first exhibition was devoted to the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo. More than 800 exhibitions have been organized through the passing years of active work, and the best artists from Kolomna, Moscow, other regions of Russia and from abroad have displayed their works here.

    Today there are three exhibition halls in the cultural centre Ozerovs house for temporary exhibitions with the total area of 350 sq.m, where the works of art, drawing, sculpture, photography and folk art are exhibited.

    A museum and exhibition hall of Mikhail Georgievich Abakumov, Russian national artist, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Arts and honorary citizen of Kolomna works in the centre Ozerovs house.

    In the Art shop one can buy presents and souvenirs for adults and children: batik, paintings, drawings, photos, books about Kolomna, catalogs of artists, folk handcrafts.

    Main exhibition hall is also a concert hall with beautiful acoustics.

    Ozerovs house is an architectural monument of late XVIII and early XIX centuries, built in classical style as a sample of typical noble architecture. The famous architect Matvey Kazakov with his apprentices is considered to be the author of the project.

    The house acquired its name after its owner, the merchant of the First Guild A.S. Ozerov, famouas for his generous charity

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