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Museum-preserve "Krasnaya Gorka (The Red Hill)"

Phone: спр. (3842) 64-27-26, экс.бюро (3842) 45-46-46

Address: 650044, Kemerovo region,

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    The museum-preserve 'Krasnaya Gorka" was created on the industrial site of the former Kemerovo Coal Mines in the attempt to preserve unique mining heritage pieces, being the integral part of the landscape and town-planning complex which took shape in the first third of the twentieth century. The industrial development of Kuzbass was fostered by His Imperial Majesty's Cabinet, Kuznetsk Coal Mines - JSC (Kopikuz) and Autonomous Industrial Colony "Kuzbas" (international industrial enterprise). Their influence in many ways determined the diversity of the local heritage: industrial, architectural and household.

    The centrepiece of the complex is located on the bank of the River Tom. It includes: the Gorelaya (Burnt) mountain - the place where coal was found in Kuzbass in 1721; the remnants of one of the mines; a stone quay; the support pillars for the aerial tramway that carried coal across the river; the main office building of the mine; a residence of the general manager; a mining settlement with a school and a public steam bath. The town-planning outline and the landscape of the industrial area remained intact, and the museum pieces are in their natural surroundings.

    By now only one part of the complex has actually acquired a public museum status - the residence of Kemerovo Mines General Manager, which is the location of the museum preserve "Krasnaya Gorka".

    The long-term outlook for the museum will involve creating more objects open for general public, such as creating the Coal Museum of Kuzbass, and ultimately converting the former mining area into a tourist attraction

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    (3842) 64-24-12, Fax: (3842) 64-24-12

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 01.09.1991
    opened: 25.08.2001

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    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Museum preserve

    permament show rooms 400,5м2
    museum's store 91,8м2

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    34 (curators: 4)

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    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    25619, rare collection's items: 20513

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