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Museum "Archaeology, ethnography and ecology of Siberia" Kemerovo State University

Phone: (3842) 58-43-18

Address: 650043, Kemerovo region,

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    Museum "Archaeology, Ethnography and Ecology of Sibiria" of Kemerovo State Universiti - W1386, official web site museum.kemsu.ru/


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    The history of the museum "Archaeology, ethnography and ecology of Siberia" begins in 1970-s. The materials presented in the museums have been collected by teachers and students of Archaeology and Zoology faculties during 30 years. The museum repositories numbers more than 300 000 units. Besides South Siberia archaeology and ethnography materials, there are copies of petroglyphes from Altay, Khakassia, Tuva, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, osteological, paleontological, zoological, entomological and ornithological collections. The museum repositories and expositions are used for special and practical courses of prehistory, The museum exposition consists of two big departments: archaeology and ethnography of South Siberia; nature and ecology of Siberia. The travel in time starts from the Stone Age and goes through all following history periods. The wonderful world of an ancient man is opening in the materials collected during the researches of workers of the Chair of Archaeology of Kemerovo State University. In the South Siberia ethnography department visitors can see traditional way of living of South Siberia peoples at the end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries, their rituals and religions. Visitors can enter a Khakassian yurt, visit a Shorts hunter, participate in a tribal praying for mountain spirit Tag Taiykh. The second department presents a panorama of natural zones of Kuzbass, Siberia, Far East, Kazakhstan, Central Asia. All materials are presented in dioramas, show-cases, and bio-groups. Here one can see the "Master of Siberian Tayga" - bear, roe, Amour tiger, wood-grouses, "king" animal - ermines, hyena, porcupine, lama. The long-lasting friendship with the Alma-Aty zoo let us to acquire a stuffed chimpanzee for our collection of exotic animals. The present ecological situation makes an influence on the life of every inhabitant of the Earth. The exposition of this department makes thinking about ecological problems and their resolving; it turns out that every interested person can participate in the problems solution

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   lecture hall, public library

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Administrative phone:
    (3842) 58-43-18

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 25.12.1976
    opened: 1980г.

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific, educational

    permament show rooms 250м2
    temporary exhibitions 60м2
    museum's store 160м2

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Specific departments:
    archive, science library, restoration dep. (таксидермическая мастерская)

Collections volume:
    более 310 000, rare collection's items: 102837

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