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Novorgev Historical Museum of local lore

Phone: (88112) 2-26-27

Address: 181340, Pskov region, 40, Germana str., Novorzhev

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    The museum was opened in 1977. Objects of district school museums formed the basis of its collection. The exhibitions narrate about the mode of life, the productive labour and the social aclivityof population up to 1917, about the participation of natives in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Constantly they are completes new objects, documents, photographes which were given as a souvenir by former and present distriet towns-men.

    In the exhibition hall:

    There are the demonstration of pictures from the Vehno village picture-gallery over 100 artistes from Leningrad gave as a souvenir their workes of peinting, drawing, plastic arts to the district; the pictures of town self-satisfied artistes, the folk past master

    The meeting of different generation, especially pensioneres with children, take place at this hall too.

    The last 3 years the quide and lecture service fer district schoolhous is carries out free of charge for reason of want of money at scholl. But in spite of this reason the research work is going on in state archives and libraries according these main themes:

    the self-government at before and in Zemstvo times; the social activity; the landowners-public men of district, province, Russia

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Administrative phone:
    (88112) 2-26-27

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1977г.

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Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum,Painting art

    permament show rooms 173,4м2
    museum's store 29м2

Employee number:
    5 (curators: 2)

Average visitors per year:

Collections volume:
    7941, rare collection's items: 4627

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