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Azov History, Archaeology and Palaeontology Museum-Reserve

Phone: (86342) 4-4935, 4-0371, 4-0771

Address: 346780, Rostov region, 38/40, Moscovskaya str., Azov

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    In the very heart of ancient Azov the Azov History, Archaeology and Palaeontology Museum-reserve is one of the largest museums in the south of Russia. It imbrasez the historical centre of the 19th century. The territory of Azov fortress in the 18th century with ramparts, the Alexey Gates, and the Gunpowder Sellar, the famous Polar explorer Rudolf Samoilovitch's house-museum, and exhibition room "Mezenat".

    Nearly 78 thousand square meters, more than 320 thousand exhibits, the earliest of which are about 250 million years old. And what exhibits they are! Palaeontology, archaeology, history, nature, art v history of mankind in a single town.

    Azov Museum-Reserve has the richest palaeontological collection in southern Russia. Few museums in the world can boast of such exhibits as we see in Azov v skeletons of Deinotherium (8 million years) and two Trogontherium mammoths (600-800 thousand years).

    The museum keeps and exhibits the vast archaeological collections of the Bronze Era, the early Iron Age, the Middle Ages, the collections of photo and written documents, numismatics, needlework, clothes and fabrics of the 19th - and the beginning of the 20th centuries, and the collection of metal articles.

    The pride of the museum's collection is the Treasures of Eurasian Nomads exhibition. The collections of the Azov museum were exhibited in France, Switzerland, Scotland, Japan, Austria and Germany

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Administrative phone:
    (86342) 4-0771

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 17.05.1917

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Natural history,Historical,Regional museum,Museum preserve,Memorial,Painting art

    permament show rooms 2852м2
    temporary exhibitions 580м2
    museum's store 1896м2
    museum's parks 7,13га

Employee number:
    185 (curators: 33)

Average visitors per year:

Specific departments:
    science library, restoration dep. по металлу, дереву, ткани, керамике и таксидермическая лаборатория

Collections volume:
    383822, rare collection's items: 221988

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