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The Volsk Museum of Local Lore

Phone: (84593) 7-41-96

Address: 412909, Saratov region,

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    The Volsk Museum of Local Lore - W1902, official web site vkmvolsk.ru/


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    The oldest and largest municipal Museum in Russia, founded in 1920, is considered to be the "pearl" of the city, cultural-historical heritage and a "trademark" of Volsk municipal district. The Museum consists of four structural units: Department of nature, art gallery, Department of history, "Department of the Manor of the Patriotic war hero of 1812 earl Orlov-Denisov". Departments of Volsk local history Museum are located in separate buildings, which are the monuments of architecture of the XIX century. Total exhibition area of the Museum is 3200 m2. Museum collections surprise by their intensity and variety. The funds collected richest archaeological, ethnographic, palaeontological, entomological collections, writing samples, and early printed books, religious items, poster graphics, numismatics, materials on the history of political, economic and cultural life of the city and region. Of particular interest are the collection of cold and firearms of the XVII - XX centuries, memorial collection of notable citizens of Volsk: famous artists P. Kuznetsov and B. C. Klimashin, composer V.V. Kovalev. Rare Museum has in its structure the art gallery which surprises visitors with a collection of paintings, sculpture, decorative and applied art and household items

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   Internet access, equipped for people with disabilities

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    hotels and restaurants

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Administrative phone:
    (84593) 7-41-96, Fax: (84593) 7-41-96

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1920.

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Natural history,Historical,Regional museum,Science and technics,Painting art

    permament show rooms 13242
    temporary exhibitions 2002
    museum's store 4852
    museum's parks 0,17

Employee number:
    52 (curators: 13)

Average visitors per year:
    . 40000

Specific departments:
    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    95452, rare collection's items: 70018

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