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Severouralski Museum of local lore

Phone: (34380) 2-28-74

Address: 624480, Sverdlovsk region,

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    The Museum was opened to the 100 anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin - April 22, 1970 and worked on a voluntary basis.

    The Museum funds comprise more than 13 thousand exhibits, they are the basis of 17 of the various collections. Exhibits are placed in the Depository, and in five departments of the permanent exposure: geological, the nature, Ethnography (the Mansi and the Russian population), the history of the development of the city and enterprises.

    The most popular is the Department of the nature with the diorama showing a peculiar flora and fauna of the Northern Urals. Extensive geological collection. Interesting archeological collection, representing the artifacts found during excavations in the district, objects of cult and everyday life of indigenous people of the Mansi.

    In addition to the permanent exhibits in the Museum organizes exhibitions of its own funds, funds of other museums and private collections, works of local craftsmen and artists. The staff of the Museum is forwarding to work on research of natural and historical attractions of the Northern Urals

Museum foundator: G.I. Goreva (1937-2007)

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Administrative phone:
    (34380) 2-28-74

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 22.04.1970

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Natural history,Historical,Regional museum,Painting art

    permament show rooms 281,7м2
    temporary exhibitions 17,3м2
    museum's store 25м2

Employee number:
    8 (curators: 5)

Average visitors per year:
    14 095

Specific departments:
    science library

Collections volume:
    14612, rare collection's items: 10982

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