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Samarian Regional Historical Museum by P. Alabin

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Samara Regional Historical museum is one of the oldest museums of the Volga Region. It originates from the public museum named after Emperor Alexander III that was established in 1886 on the initiative of the head of the town P.V. Alabin . In 1993 the museum was renamed in honor of P.V. Alabin.
    At present the museum is housed in several buildings. The main building - the former Central V.I. Lenin Museum was built in 1989 (the project authors were a group of architects headed by E.G. Rozanov). It has 3500sq m. of exhibition space, a video hall with 270 seats, a library and a study room. The main exposition of the museum, collections storage, painters’ workshop, photo studio, cafe which can seat 60 people, museum shop and information center are located here

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museum: Samara Museum for Historical and Regional Studies named after P.V. Alabin