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The memorial museum of V.I.Lenin

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Address: 443041, Samara region,

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    The museum is located on the territory of former town merchant house of the last quarter of the 19th century which has been saved from time with no actual damage. The living house, out-building (carriage shed and cellar), the garden perimeter. In the house which belonged to Samara merchant I.Ritikov, the Ulyanovs rented a flat on the second floor from May 1890 until August 1893. during this time Vladimir Ulyanov has independently prepared for and passed the exams for the course at the law faculty of St. Petersburg Emperor University, was granted a diploma of the lawyer and started working as juryman attorney's assistant at Samara Court.

    While in Samara V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin) is changing his views; here with his active participation was open Marxican society and the first theoretical works were written here.

    As the museum with historic-memorial profile the Lenin Museum House in Samara has been functioning since 3 January 1940. For the 100th Lenin birthday anniversary (1970) on the second floor there was restored the memorial background of the Ulyanovs flat, on the first floor, non-memorable, there was set the science-documentary exposition, dedicated to Samara period of Lenin's life.

    In 1986-1989 during the restoration works all the museum services were transported from the memorial house into administrative building which was joined with the former house of Ritikov by the underground corridor.

    This is how the museum complex was formed made for the museum visitors service convenience

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Administrative phone:
    (846) 332-2889

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 03.01.1940

Organisation status:
   State Russia

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    culture for society


    permament show rooms 291,9м2
    temporary exhibitions 60м2
    museum's parks 0,19га

Employee number:
    11 (curators: 4)

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Collections volume:
    1692, rare collection's items: 1469

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