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Museum complex "Kulikovo Field"

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    Museum complex "Kulikovo Field" is situated in the immediate proximity of the battlefield. It is provided with developed modern infra-structure (free parking lots, tourist reception center, cafe, souvenirshops), anobservation platform and spacious exposition halls. The new museum brings a new life to the memorial place, the battlefield of 1380. Here, in 2016, stationary exposition "The Narration of Mamai Massacre. The New Perusal" was opened, temporary exhibitions follow each other.

    The history of Kulikovo battle is presented by the new museum in two planes. At first, the story of the battle of 1380 is based on The Narration of Mamai Masscre. It is supported with authentic evidences of Kulikovo battle archeological findings, discovered by researchers on the battlefield. Next, the chronicle narration is subjected to comprehensive scientific analysis, and Kulikovo battle appears before a visitor in the light of modern scientific knowledge.

    The results of diversified scientific activity in study in the history of Kulikovo battle and Kulikovo field, led by the museum for decades, are presented in the museum exposition. Archeologists, anthropologists, historians of major scientific institutions of the country, famous Russian painters worked on the creation of the exposition. Models of battlescenes, dioramas of the historic landscape and ancient Russian settlement of Kulikovo field, restored pottery and metallurgic furnaces of XIV century, ground monoliths are presented in museum halls. There are authentic archeological findings and scientific reconstructions of armory and weapons, anthropological reconstructions in the showcases

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    (4872) 36-18-40

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    founded: 30.12.2015
    opened: 25.10.2016

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    culture for society

    Historical,Museum preserve,Painting art

    permament show rooms 20002
    temporary exhibitions 288,62
    museum's store 134,62
    museum's parks 40

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    archive, science library

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    2342, rare collection's items: 1285

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